Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dishwasher Leak

Dishwasher leaks can be the worst. They can be leaking for a long period of time before you even notice. But the damage to the flooring and what lies underneath can be severe. Complete gut outs are sometimes necessary in water losses!


Sometimes water damage is so bad a complete rebuild is needed. When the flooring and the drywall can't be dried out or salvaged the next step is a rebuild to get your home looking as it once did!

Air movers

Water damage to wood floors and what lies beneath can be a real pain. With the use of our portable air movers we can speed up the drying and get in those small to reach places to dry out under flooring and insulation.

Water Extraction

Water damage in homes can saturate the carpet and carpet pad underneath it making it hard to suck up and dry out the carpet in time before mold growth starts. A weighted extractor helps push out the water in the carpet and carpet pad making it easier to suck up the water and drying the carpet faster!