Fire Damage Photo Gallery

girl spraying chemical on carpet

Clean & Deodorize Carpet

If you home suffers a small fire or soot damage not only do the walls and contents need to be cleaned, but the carpeting as well. Carpet collects soot and foot traffic pushes that soot into carpet fibers. Getting your carpet cleaned will eliminate odor and get rid of any left over soot.

burn hole in side of garage

Forest fire destroyed garage

A forest fire broke open and traveled towards this garage causing serious damage. The structure tool the most damage and needed to be tore down and rebuilt. A lot of the contents inside were unsalvageable, but the contents that were saved SERVPRO of Alpena loaded up and took back to there warehouse to clean an restore them.

Soot from a fire

Even a small fire in a home can cause soot to cover an entire home. Our cleaning techs come in and use special product to clean all surface areas that may be affected and restore them back to like new condition!

Fire Damage

Fire damage can ruin a homes structure. We can offer a variety of services. From the tearing out to the rebuilding of the structure to the cleaning of the contents that got caught in the fire.