Storm Damage Photo Gallery

burnt siding from a fire

Lighting catches garage on fire

Thunder and lighting storms never seem to dangerous if you are inside. Lighting has a mind of its own and can strike at anytime and anywhere. Lighting had stuck the outside of this garage causing fire damage. SERVPRO was called to clean and restore it to its existing condition. 

black mold spot all over wall

Loss of power causes frozen pipes

Bad winter storms can knock the power out and for sometime. If your summer home isn't properly set up correctly and loose power pipes could freeze causing water damage and mold growth if not caught in time.

hole in ceiling

Damaged ceiling from fallen tree

High winds from a severe storm caused a tree to break and fall onto this roof. The tree caused damage not only to the roof but with in the home. Water damage to the ceiling and floors of the home. SERVPRO of Alpena was to the rescue. Roof tarped, damaged ceiling and floor removed and drying equipment set up to dry inside structure.

Sewage Back-up

A sewer backup can lead to disease, destruction of your valuables, damage to your house or business, and can even result in electrical malfunctions. Prompt cleanup of affected property can help minimize the inconvenience and prevent mold or further damage. If you experience a sewer backup situation, immediately arrange for the cleanup of your property. This should include:

  • Wet-vacuuming or removal of spillage
  • Mopping floors and wiping walls with soap and disinfectant
  • Flushing out and disinfecting plumbing fixtures
  • Steam cleaning or removing wet carpets or drapes
  • Repairing or removing damaged wallboard or wall covering
  • Cleanup of ductwork